We are driven by our deep love of Islam and reverence of the Shari’ah way of life which will continue our pursuit of Dawah, to share the message of Islam across the country and eventually, the world. This mission requires funding as we incur costs on the following activities and programmes:

  • Comparative religion classes,
  • Feeding schemes for all Madaaris,
  • School uniforms and textbooks,
  • Winter clothing, blankets and linen,
  • Ramadhan hampers,
  • Management, maintenance and upkeep of our Makaatib / Madaaris, day care centres and nursing home for the disabled,
  • Renovation of the Masjids,
  • Slaughtering of animals for qurbani (meat is distributed to the poor),
  • Certificates of conversion, with affidavits, in accordance with Islamic Law.

Alhamdulillah, we invite you to participate in the transformative work of AMPO which touches both Muslims and non-Muslims. Our DVDs are available on request.

Bank details

Standard Bank

Branch: 403326




Acc: 051745968

Acc: 051745976

Acc: 051745984

Allah Rabul Izzat the most High says: If the help of Allah is with you then nobody will overpower you. And if Allah’s help is not with you, who can help you? Help the Deen of Allah and Allah will help you, in this world and in the hereafter.

We accept Zakaat, Lillah, Fitrah, Sadaqah, Fidya and Kafarah.